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Steve Stavro

Steve Stavro was born in the village of Gabresh in the Kostursko region of Aegean Macedonia. His parents emigrated to Canada and opened up a small butcher shop in downtown Toronto on Queen st. and Coxwell. It then turned into a grocery store and soon thereafter a second store was opened on Danforth, at that time a heavy Macedonian community. The Stavro family was alternately known among the Macedonian community as "Deeklo", a "nickname". To this day some ethnic Macedonians still refer to his grocery store business of Knob Hill Farms as "Deeklo".

The single grocery store grew into a chain of smaller grocery stores and Steve took over the business from his father. He grew the business from a chain of smaller stores into the gigantic warehouse-style grocery chain it is today, Knob Hill Farms. With dozens of stores throughout the Southern Ontario region the chain has become very successful and is one of the major grocery chains.

Once successful in the grocery business he decided to shift his efforts into his other personal and business interests.

He ventured into thoroughbread race horses and racing. He races several times a year in the Toronto region. One of his horses bears the symbol of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian sun.

Stavro, second from right during the purchase of the Toronto Raptors

He has also ventured into the sports entertainment industry when he purchased the majority of shares that late Toronto Maple Leaf owner Harold Ballard owned. After being the major player behind the National Hockey League franchise the Toronto Maple Leafs he shifted interests into expanding the stadium facilities and in an unexpected move he purchased the majority interest in the National Basketball Association franchise the Toronto Raptors. He is currently in the process of completing the construction of a major stadium along the Toronto lakefront to house both national sports teams.

He is also known in the local Macedonian community to have a "friendly" competition with Macedonian Mike Ilitch who owns a rival NHL hockey team, the Detroit Red Wings.


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